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Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs

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Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities


PREP is designed to provide unemployed and underemployed individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve employment successHelp Wanted ads

The PREP program focuses on four major competencies:

  • Completing Job Applications
  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Dressing for the Interview



PREParing a Job ApplicationCompleting a job application

Do you know how to complete a written or on-line job application?

PREP will provide:

  • Quick and easy tips to completing job applications
  • Knowledge and skills in electronic job search practices
  • Information and resources to improve job hunting strategies

PREParing A ResumeYou're hired!

Do you need assistance with preparing a resume that gets attention?

PREP will help you:

  • Develop resume writing skills
  • Become familiar with the three types of resumes
  • Determine when to use a particular type of resume
  • Learn how to write an eye-catching resume and cover letter
  • Create a resume that demonstrates how your skills and abilities are a perfect fit for a position

Increase your employment possibilities with PREP

PREParing for the interviewFollow proper interview etiquette

Are you ready to interview for the job?

PREP will help you:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Respond appropriately to basic interview questions
  • Make a good first impression during the interview
  • Follow the proper etiquette during and after the interview


Dressing for the InterviewDressing for the interview

Are you uncertain about your appearance for the job interview?

PREP will help you:

  • Distinguish appropriate dress for the job search and interview
  • Increase your chances of securing employment by presenting yourself in a professional manner
  • Use your existing wardrobe to create a more professional appearance
  • Learn about community resources that help limited-resource individuals with professional dress