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Alabama Ethnic Food Security Network

AEFSN Information Center


Growing Organic Vegetables

Becoming a certified organic grower

Growing vegetables organically

Introduction to organic crop production

Organic vegetable IPM guide

Producing garden vegetables with organic soil amendments

Products for managing diseases in organic vegetables

Seed production and seed sources of organic vegetables

Specific Ethnic Vegetables

Chayote (also known as vegetable pear or mirliton)

Cilantro (also known as Chinese parsley) production in California

Easy gardening: Cilantro (also known as Chinese parsley)

Easy gardening: Eggplant (also known as berenjena)

Easy gardening: Peppers (also known as pimientos)

Eggplant (also known as berenjena)

Growing vegetable pears (also called chayotes)

Home gardening series: Sweet Potatoes (also known as boniatos or batatas)

Introducing calabaza (also called Caribbean pumpkin): A new crop

Mungbean (also referred to as chop suey bean)

Pepper (also known as pimiento)

Pepper production (bell, small fruit and pimiento)

Tomatillo (also known as husk-tomato)

Tomatillos (also known as husk-tomatoes)

Specific Garden Vegetables


Broccoli production

Brussels sprouts

Cabbage production

Commercial carrot production


Easy gardening: Carrots

Easy gardening: Collard greens

Easy gardening: Cucumbers

Easy gardening: Green beans

Easy gardening: Okra

Easy gardening: Onions

Easy gardening: Spinach and other greens

Easy gardening: Squash

Easy gardening: Tomatoes

Fresh market production of cucumbers

Garlic production for the gardener

Georgia home grown tomatoes

Growing cucumbers in the home garden

Growing lettuce in spring or fall

Growing okra in the home garden

Growing onions

Growing rutabagas in the home garden

Guide to commercial cabbage production

Guide to commercial pumpkin and winter squash production

Guide to commercial summer squash production

Home gardening series: Collards

Home gardening series: Kale

Homegrown summer and winter squash


Potato production in the home garden

Pumpkins and winter squash


Spinach production in Florida

Summer squash


Vegetable Gardening

Alabama Gardener's Calendar

Container gardening

Disease control in the home vegetable garden

Gardening in containers

Home gardening

Home garden transplants

Home soil testing: Using the soil test report

Planting guide for home gardening in Alabama

The Alabama vegetable gardener

Vegetable Garden Calendar

Vegetable gardening in Georgia

Vegetable seasons in Alabama

When to harvest vegetables


Food Safety

Basics for handling food safely

Beef from farm to table

Campylobacter: Questions and Answers

Chicken from farm to table

Cleanliness helps prevent foodborne illness

Clostridium botulinum

Cutting boards and food safety

Danger Zone (40 °F - 140 °F)

Doneness versus safety

Door-to-door meat sales

Foodborne illness: What consumers need to know

Food product dating

Food safety for older adults

Food safety for people with cancer

Food safety for people with diabetes

Food safety for people with HIV/AIDS

Food safety for transplant recipients

Freezing and food safety

Giblets and food safety

Goat from farm to table

Ground beef and food safety

Ground poultry and food safety

HACCP for the food service worker

How temperatures affect food

Inspection and grading of meat and poultry: What are the differences?

Keeping food safe during an emergency

Kitchen companion: Your safe food handbook

Lamb from farm to table

Mail order food safety

Meat and poultry labeling terms

Microwave ovens and food safety

Molds on food: Are they dangerous?

Older adults and food safety

Parasites and foodborne illness

Protect your baby and yourself from listeriosis

Rabbit from farm to table

Refrigeration and food safety

Salmonella: Questions and Answers

Sausages and food safety

The color of meat and poultry

Turkey from farm to table

Turkey raised by the rules

Veal from farm to table

Washing food: Does it promote food safety?

Water in meat and poultry

Yersiniosis and chitterlings: Tips to protect you and those you care for from foodborne illness


Human Nutrition and Health

B vitamins and good health

Carotenoids and eye health

Digestive health tips

Facts about beef

Facts about copper

Facts about fiber

Facts about fructose

Facts about iron

Facts about magnesium

Facts about niacin

Facts about potassium

Facts about sodium

Facts about vegetables

Facts about vitamin A

Facts about vitamin C

Facts about vitamin D

Facts about vitamin K

Facts about zinc

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit facts

Gloriously good whole grains

Good sources of vitamin A (carotenoids)

Healthy eating: Nutrition and diabetes

Healthy living: Checking blood glucose

Healthy living: Determine your nutritional health

Healthy living: Diabetes

Healthy living: Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

How much calcium do different foods have?

How to nourish your body while being treated for cancer

Label reading for better eating

Malnutrition and the older adult

Modifying food texture for the older adult

Nutrient needs for adults

Nutrition and aging

Nutrition for health and fitness: Fat in your diet

Nutrition for health and fitness: Sodium in your diet

Nutrition primer

Portion control: A key to weight management

Puréed foods for swallowing problems

Raising healthy children: Frugal shopping tips for families

Reducing fat and cholesterol

Shopping for health: Sodium

Shopping for health: Vegetables

Shopping for health: Vitamin D

Shopping for health: Whole grains

Sports nutrition for teens

Teen nutrition for all the right reasons

Understanding fats and cholesterol

Understanding food labels

What do you know about fiber?

Where’s the water?

Your digestive system and how it works



Backyard Meat Rabbit Production

Backyard production of meat rabbits in Texas

Backyard Rabbit Hutches

Better Rabbit Habitat

Concerns to consider when building rabbit facilities

Cottontail Rabbit Control

Domestic rabbits and their care

Guidelines for entry into meat rabbit production

Homemade rabbit cages

Questions on Rabbits

Rabbit Housing Plans

Rabbit Hutch Plans

Plan #1

Plan #2

Plan #3

Plan #4

Rabbit production I

Rabbit Production II

Raising Rabbits

Raising rabbits: Helpful suggestions for beginners

Small-Scale Commercial Rabbit Production

Starting a rabbit enterprise

Summer heat and rabbit production

Winter challenges for rabbit producers

Goat Production

Artificial insemination of goats

Basic meat goat nutrition

Biology of reproduction of goats

Biosecurity Measures for Meat Goat and Sheep Managers [Español]

Breed options for meat goat production in Alabama

Controlled breeding season management for meat goats

Criteria to select goat breeding stock

Digestive system of goats

Direct and indirect marketing options for small ruminant producers

Ensuring nutrition for goats

Goat cuisine: A culinary delight

Goat facilities

Increasing successful reproduction among goats

Injection site blemishes

Major Zoonotic Diseases of Sheep and Meat Goats [Español]

Meat goats: Reproduction, nutrition, and health

Niche marketing for small ruminants

Nutritive value of goat meat

Overview of the United States meat goat industry

Performance evaluation for small ruminants

Puberty in goats

Small-scale U.S. Goat Operations

Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy: Are you ready?

The estrous cycle in does

Vaccination protocol for a goat herd

Grass-Fed Beef Cattle

Biosecurity for beef production in Alabama

Biosecurity in the beef cattle operation

Common diseases in the beef herd

Does pasture-finished beef make the grade?

Florida farmers can provide alternative beef products

Grass fed marketing claim standards

Health management of newly-arrived beef cattle into a backgrounding/stocker operation

Leaves of grass: The growing popularity of grass-fed beef and what you should know about it

Marketing Alabama-grown, forage-fed beef

Profitable pastures: A guide to grass, grazing, and good management

Vaccination program for beef calves

Where’s the grass-fed beef?

Zoonotic diseases of cattle

Pastured Poultry

Biosecurity for poultry at community farms

Biosecurity for the poultry industry

Common poultry diseases

Feeding pastured poultry

Introduction to pasture-raised poultry: Getting started

Introduction to pasture-raised poultry: Maximizing foraging behavior

Large-scale pastured poultry farming in the US

Pastured poultry in Alabama

Pastured poultry in an integrated food production system

Producing poultry on pasture

Profitable poultry: Raising birds on pasture

Raising poultry on pasture

Vaccination of small poultry flocks

Sheep Production

Biosecurity concerns for sheep and goat herds: A biosecurity plan for small ruminant farms

Biosecurity Measures for Meat Goat and Sheep Managers [Español]

Breeds of sheep in the US and their uses in production

Enterprise budget: Sheep

Grazing systems

Hair sheep production in the US Virgin Islands


Major Zoonotic Diseases of Sheep and Meat Goats [Español]

Minimizing disease in your sheep flock

Montana farm flock sheep production handbook

Off-season and accelerated lamb production

Projections for Planning Purposes Only: Sheep Hair 2013

Projections for Planning Purposes Only: Sheep Wool 2013

Sheep 201: A Beginners Guide to Raising Sheep

Sheep management on the STAR sheep production system

Sheep production guide

Sheep production in South Carolina

Spring lamb production

The use of sheep breeds resistant to internal parasites