Tree Care Information for Homeowners

"He who plants a tree, plants hope."
- Lucy Larcom, Plant a Tree

CrapemurderCrape-Murder Called Crime Against Nature

Regional Extension Agent Shane Harris is warning homeowners to spare the saw when it comes to pruning crapemyrtles.  According to Harris.... (Read More)


Turning Over a New Leaf for 2008 New Year's Resolutions

Beau Brodbeck wants homeowners to add two more resolutions for the new year.  And these resolutions will not only make a better you, but will benefit others ... (Read More)

Planting Trees for Fall Color

Leaf Color

Think the only way to enjoy fall foliage is to drive north?  Rick Beauchamp says not so quick.  Alabama homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to fall color.  He lists ten trees well suited to our southern climate that can also reward homeowners with exceptional fall color. To see Rick's list... (Read More)

Summer Drought Affecting TreesSun

Several years of a persistent drought has taken its toll on Alabama's urban forest.  Water stress has not only plagued younger trees but is beginning to extend into larger trees. Until our state returns to its normal moisture patterns, homeowners and gardeners should be worried and start taking actions to help their trees. (Read More)

Seasonal Tree Care Tips

When Old man winter arrives, it's time to put away the lawnmower, edger, trimmer and except for a few leaves to rake, relax from yard work until next Spring.  Right?  Wrong! (Read More)

Springtime signals a different kind of "urban renewal" to the homeowner.  Not only does it awaken both the landscape but also a person's spirit.  Learn what simple steps you can take to get your trees off to a good start. (Read More)

Extreme heat, prolonged droughts, and voracious pests can cause even the healthiest tree to suffer. Here what you can do to help your tree make it through the summer. (Read More)

As the days shorten and trees begin to display their autumn color, we know that one of our climate’s most perfect times to enjoy the outdoors has finally arrived. Here are three tips to help your tree this fall. (Read More)

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