How to Plan An Urban &
Community Forestry Event

Begin Thinking About The End

A Urban Forestry event that showcases your organization's accomplishments and involves the community takes time to arrange.Once you decide what to do, identify the team and determine your goals.The event your going to put together will be fun and exciting with everyone working together with the same goal in mind.

Locate the Forestry Volunteers

Involve  everyone in the planning of your project. Be sure you involve community forestry volunteers, local schools , residents and local officials. Encourage the local vendors to participate in the process helps with diversity and provides a valuable experience uniting different groups with your organization mission.  You will need for everyone to use their skills to the fullest. Ask for resources, time and energy and money, to help develop and complete your project.

Choose  Your Activity

What kind of activity are you planning? An Tree Educational Seminar event can be a fun raising event,  a social or educational activity, tree planting, and/ or help recruit more and future volunteers. What ever your event assess the needs and resources and select what would best meet your community's goals.

Schedule Your Event

Remember to consider other activities taking place in the community and how  they might affect your event. Make sure you schedule a convenient time for everyone involved. Your schedule should allow for you to maximize opportunities for attendance and media coverage.

Location Is Everything

Your event should be held in a location where the whole community  can come.Go on a site visit to see if the location meets your needs for your event. Remember location, location, location.  

Know your Event Goals

Brainstorm with your staff, volunteers and partners about what outcomes you want from your event. Keep your desired outcomes firmly in mind as you plan. Stick  to your goals.

Plan to Get Attention

Call the media, notify the local papers and t. v. stations and radio station. Be proud of what you are doing and you who are .Increase your organization's visibility this opportunity is your time to tell what your organization does year around. It will also give your supporters a sense that they are apart of the success story. So takes lots of pictures and send flyers.

Create a Budget

Develop a detailed budget early on so that the rest of your planning is realistic. Be prepared to document everything you spend in addition to every income amount and source. Remember that partners can bring resources you might have considered.

Plan the Work: Work the Plan

Outline the objectives and tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve your goals.

Develop timelines and checklist, and assign people and deadlines to specific tasks

Have a plan for involving every volunteer who steps forward. Don't leave anybody out!!

Prepare and distribute the media timely materials

Run through the entire event to make sure you have or can access the resources needed to be successful.

Finally Have Fun and Enjoy and Thank Everyone for Everything

For more information on becoming a community forestry volunteer, contact Michelle Cole 334-844-1078

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