Michelle Cole

My name is Michelle Cole I am your new Community Forestry Volunteer Development specialist. I am thrilled and ready to work and serve with you to build Alabama’s Urban Forestry Program to next level of excellence. I have only been with you since July. Since then I have been traveling the state to meet as many community forestry volunteers as I can. I have the pleasure of being the Coordinator for Tree City USA program in Alabama and have been working on Alabama’s Five Year Strategic Urban and Community Forestry Plan.

My title is an extension specialist, Community Forestry Volunteer Development which I plan on carrying out by delivering urban forestry assistance to state and local volunteer- based organizations. I intend on working closely with other forestry and natural resource specialist in delivering educational programs to local governments, educational institutions, and non profit organizations.

I also work cooperatively with the State’s U&CF Program Coordinator; coordinate with key partner organizations such as the Alabama Forestry Commission, USDA Forest Service, School of Forestry at Auburn University, and the Alabama Urban Forestry Association in carrying out Urban and Community Forestry program intent and standards. So if you would like to know how you can join a tree board or be a volunteer give me a call. I am housed in the School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Building @Auburn University.

Michelle is a graduate from Alabama A&M were she graduated with a B.S. in Forest Management in 1997. Michelle brings us 9 years of Forestry experience. Michelle is from Tallassee; AL is happily married with 3 beautiful kids.


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