State of Alabama's Urban Forestry Program

Federal Government Assesses Alabama's U&CF Program

There are many ways to see how well state U&CF program is doing.  The most meaningful may be to measure how many urban citizens acctually benefit from U&CF program activities. 

In this table, you'll see how Alabama communities stack up when it comes to managing their urban trees.  You'll also see we still have a ways to go. Data was provided by the US Forest Service through its Community Accomplishment Reporting System (CARS).

If you want to learn more about starting a community tree program in your town, contact Community Tree Program.

Highlights from Alabama's 2007 CARS Report Card

  • 36.04% of state's population live in communities that fully manage the urban forest.
  • 28.66% of state's urban population live in communities that are developing programs to manage the urban forest.
  • 1.8 million Alabama citizens live in comunities that either fully manage or are developing programs to fully manage their urban forest.
  • 986,617 Alabama citizens live in communities that have the potential to develop urban forest management programs.
  • 46 comunities employ or retain the services of professional staff, such as urban foresters.
  • 16 communities have active urban forest management plans.
  • 97 communities have adopted tree ordinances.
  • 94 communities have local tree boards or advisory organizations.
  • Alabama citizens volunteered 15 ,907 hours of urban forestry community service.


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