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Attention, Educators!

Meet your new best friend, D.I.L.A. She is a Digital Interface for Logistics and Archives. Her job is to train you—the trainer. She is your guide through the 4-Hinnovator experience. Where you find D.I.L.A., you will find tips, tricks, and important information that will help you provide the best possible science and engineering experience for your own group of 4-Hinnovators.

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Meet Bio, Edge, Π (Pi), and Willz. They are the 4-Hinnovators team—the embodiment of the 4-Hi ideal. All have abilities associated with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These characters are designed to appeal to young people and to promote teamwork and the value of collective strengths. They are edgy and cool and represent youth who may not have been traditionally associated with STEM. Most importantly, they are serious models for serious inquiry learning, and they see themselves as people who are learners—open to new ideas and new approaches if you can “Just Prove It!”


William Moto
4-Hi Code Name: WILLZ

Willz likes speed and has a talent for building things and creating tools. As a power wheelchair racer, he knows a lot about energy and aerodynamics. Willz asks questions, asks more questions, and solves problems.

ATTENTION EDUCATORS: Team up with the 4-Hi speed expert for hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about aerodynamic car design, new forms of propulsion, tires, and assembly lines.


Eve Hart
4-Hi Code Name: EDGE

Edge is drawn to technology and strives to help people. This budding medical engineer has a lot of ideas and knows how to research, test, and adjust her ideas to come up with solutions.

ATTENTION EDUCATORS: Team up with the 4-Hi technical expert for hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about water purification, medical devices, digestion and pill coatings, and concussions.


Russell Rayne
4-Hi Code Name: BIO

Bio understands how to calculate risks and gather data. His natural affinity for plants and the environment makes him a good agricultural engineer. He loves to learn and wants to help improve people’s lives and help them use science to better their communities.

ATTENTION EDUCATORS: Team up with the 4-Hi science expert for hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about water flow, food packaging, water transportation, precision agriculture, and bridges.


Indigo Tres
4-Hi Code Name: Π (Pi)

Pi finds comfort in numbers and logic. Pi has a lot of questions and is always moving. She loves a challenge and her talent for solving complex problems help her maintain an aerial view for solutions.

ATTENTION EDUCATORS: Team up with the 4-Hinnovator who is fascinated by flight and the forces involved with flying. She uses her love of math to solve aviation problems and create solutions for aeronautical innovation.


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