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PROSPER - PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience

Henry County Extension Office reaches out to students to make a difference

Jimmy Jones and Doug Summerford hand out certificates to students
The Henry County Extension Office is wrapping up its 2015-2016 Prosper and All Star programs. The programs are taught by Jimmy Jones and Doug Summerford with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. The programs are designed to help students address certain situations they face in school, such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol.

Dothan Eagle Article by Michele W. Forehand

"We are proud to announce that we are wrapping up our "Prosper" and "All Star" programs with the students attending school in Henry County," said Jimmy Jones, Henry County Extension agent. "The Prosper Program is taught to students in sixth grade. This program is designed to strengthen families. The program is taught to six-grade students and their families. We discuss topics such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol. This program is taught away from the school s etting . Families residing in Headland participated in the class that was held at the First Baptist Church of Headland; and families residing in Abbeville participated in the class held at our office. We had 11 families participate in this program. That brings our total to more than 100 families that have participated over the years. This program helps parents and children build a bond to address issues that the children face with friends away from school and at school."

The All-Star Program is taught at school and addresses students in seventh grade.

"The All-Star Program addresses the same topics as the Prosper Program, but we have made this program a career-based program," Jones said. "We want to get the students' minds thinking about what kind of career they may be interested in. Each student who participates in the class is taught that, in order to achieve the goals they set to make their career choice become reality, they must make right decisions, when it comes to drinking, alcohol and staying in school. This program also teaches students the importance of receiving their education and working hard.

"Several students want to continue their education following high school, and this program allows them to get a jump start on community service. A university looks for students who have performed community service in their area. Universities look for students who believe in working hard to improve their community. So, we educate students on the best way to get a jump on serving their community. This program is also designed to educate students on the importance of earning a degree. If a student continues their education and earns a degree, they will make more in the workforce than someone who did not receive a degree. It is all about improving life and making the right choices in life. Each student participating in the All Star Program has a 4.0 grade point average, and this class helps to educate the students on making sure they stay on the right path to achieve their goals.

"The key to achieving your goals is staying on the right path, making the right choice in life and working hard. Students need to know, if you get involved with alcohol and drugs, your life could take a drastic change and not for the better. Plus, students in today's times face a lot of peer pressure. We hope that the students who participated in this program will remember what they have been taught and properly handle what ever situation may arise. This is a really great program for our students, and we are proud to offer it to the students. This year we have graduated 10 classes from the All Star Program, and that is great. Now, we are looking forward to the next school-term classes. I encourage parents with upcoming sixth-grade students to participate as well as all seventh-grade students. "

The Prosper Program and the All Star Program are made possible through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Auburn University.

The Prosper Program and the All Star Program are made possible through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Auburn University.

For more information regarding the programs, or to find out when the programs will start for the next school term, call 585-6416.