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A Letter from an All Star Student

Hello, my name is Taylor. This year in 7th Grade we have had the privilege of participating in the All Stars program.

In this program, my classmates and I have learned what to do in situations where we are tempted with substance use, witness bullying, and fighting. But, this is not all we learned.

We have also learned about all of the positive characteristics we need in order to reach our ideal future which are responsibility, a belief in the future, commitment to a positive lifestyle, and so much more.

All Stars is fun and helps us learn at the same time! We didn't just learn about ourselves, we also learned about each other.

There was a particular time in class where the idea of being tempted by our peers came up, and all of our class mates felt the same way and that once tempted we would say no because it is a choice. I wouldn't ever have thought I had so much in common with my classmates.

The thing my class wanted most was faith, and it feels really good to know that my class has a good relationship with God because without him, we wouldn't even be here. But, the thing my class wanted least was disease, for us to all live long happy lives following God.

I do believe that this All Stars program has helped not just my class, but all classes open up and actually express themselves in group activities and through our amazing art program, and for this I am thankful.

I would just like to thank Mrs. Belina for having such an impact on my life through this program and by opening my eyes for me to see my true potential, to never give up, and to stand strong. I hope she helped the rest of my classmates to see this as well.

I hope you enjoy our program, Thank You.

Taylor Nelson

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