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New Newsletter #87 - "Simple Steps to Stop Rodent Damage" - Download Newsletter Here

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Don't allow rodents to ruin your investment! Poultry farms are excellent places for rodents to not only survive but THRIVE. Poultry houses are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, provide plenty of food and water, have almost unlimited places to hide, and on some farms, have virtually no predators. That is unless you are on top of your rodent control program. If you can't remember the last time you restocked your bait stations and you have been seeing signs of rodents lately, you might be surprised to find out just how many have infested your farm. Please click here for more information.

Newsletter #86 - "Four Common Minimum Ventilation Mistakes" - Download Newsletter Here


In wintertime, most of problems growers, service technicians and managers call NPTC for help on have to do with wet floors, too high ammonia, high fuel bills and poor performance. More often than not these problems are the direct result of failing to meet one or more of the four basic requirements of successful minimum ventilation. It's easy to remember what these are if you think of the acronym POST: Pressure, Openings, Source and Time.

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Mission: Improve bottom line profitability of the live production sector of the US poultry industry by providing timely applied research and education resulting in increased efficiencies in housing, equipment, energy and environmental control. Poultry housing, energy, ventilation, economics, and management problems are usually intertwined and very complex.  In trying to find solutions to these major grower and industry problems, we at Auburn University have successfully used a teamwork approach for several years. The Auburn Poultry Housing Team collaborating in this work includes Jim Donald - Ag Engineer, Gene Simpson - Ag Economist, Jesse Campbell - Poultry Housing Specialist, and Dennis Brothers - Extension Poultry Housing Specialist. Feel free to contact any team member if you have questions relating to their areas of expertise. Please note, however, that team members cannot provide design recommendations or diagnose specific problems through email.

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