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Newsletter #91 - "Hot Weather: 5 Opportunities to Maximize Airflow and Cooling" - Download It

5 opportunitiesHot weather brings challenges that will test even the best growers. Growers who get the rewards of top flock performance pay close attention to the 5 opportunities outlined in this newsletter. During some of our farm visits we find the potential to improve in-house cooling by 1 or 2 degrees and increase windspeed by as much as 100 feet per minute or more. This can make a big difference in hot weather performance and efficiency. Get all houses and equipment tuned up and ready to go this summer.

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Newsletter #90 - "Benefits of Recirculation Fan Systems" - Download It

temperature stratificationSmoke emitters are used in this picture to illustrate what happens to residual heat from brooders during preheating and brooding. Even with the most efficient radiant heaters, much of the heat produced eventually rises to the ceiling away from the chickens. Every effort should be made to recapture this lost heat and make use of it at bird level where it is needed most. Please click here to read the full newsletter.

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Mission: Improve bottom line profitability of the live production sector of the US poultry industry by providing timely applied research and education resulting in increased efficiencies in housing, equipment, energy and environmental control. Poultry housing, energy, ventilation, economics, and management problems are usually intertwined and very complex.  In trying to find solutions to these major grower and industry problems, we at Auburn University have successfully used a teamwork approach for several years. 

The Auburn NPTC Poultry Housing Team collaborating in this work includes Jim Donald - Ag Engineer, Gene Simpson - Ag Economist, Jeremiah Davis - Research Ag Engineer, Jesse Campbell - Poultry Housing Specialist, and Dennis Brothers - Extension Poultry Housing Specialist. Feel free to contact any team member if you have questions relating to their areas of expertise. Please note, however, that team members cannot provide design recommendations or diagnose specific problems through email.

Email Jess Campbell for questions concerning this website.

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