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Land Preparation

bulldozerRoads, skid trails, loading decks, and other disturbed areas should be revegetated as soon as possible after management operations are completed. These sites should be shaped and smoothed prior to planting. Water diversion devices should be installed on roads and skid trails to prevent soil movement and erosion while vegetation is being established. Techniques often used to divert water off or away from roads and skid trails include: (1) turn out ditches, (2) broad-based dips, (3) culverts, and (4) water bars.

Seedbed preparation is important for vegetation establishment. A well-prepared, firm seedbed is necessary for good seed-soil contact. Disc harrowing and dragging will firm and smooth soil and promote good germination. In heavily compacted areas such as loading decks and roads, disking or ripping is needed.

Equipment most commonly used in land preparation are bulldozers and farm tractors. Bulldozers are used to reshape roads and skid trails and to install water diversion measures. Farm tractors are used to: (1) prepare a seedbed, by disking; (2) plant and fertilize using a broadcast seeder or grain drill; (3) cover seed by pulling a section harrow, cultipacker, or brush from the freshly logged area; or (4) mow revegetated roads using a rotary mower (bush hog). All Terrain Vehicles (4wheelers) can also be used to seed and mow small areas using special attachments.