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OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is a useful resource for planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels... more

Hardpan May Be the Culprit for Your Failing Wildlife Food Plots

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … Most properties managed for wildlife have at least... more

Dam & Drain Maintenance is YOUR Responsibility

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … Winter offers a great time to inspect... more

Now Is the Time to Survey Your Deer Population

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … By using trail cameras, many landowners and... more


Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … It happens every year, my colleagues and... more

"Orphaned" Fawns

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … Yesterday morning, on the way into work,... more

Drought Impacts on White-Tailed Deer Management

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … When Food Plots Fail Current drought conditions... more

Free Aquaculture 101 Workshop for Teachers

Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) in conjunction with Gadsden State Community College and the Alabama-Mississippi Sea... more

Woodland wildflowers RATTLESNAKE MASTER - Eryngium yuccifolium

A native perennial forb, rattlesnake master is often found in open, burned woodlands and prairies across the southeastern US, but can... more

Friday Forestry Flash Back – April 1, 2016

our weather is ‘strange’ EVERY year,” Alabama WX Weather Blog Last night’s thunderstorms …... more

White-Tailed Deer Management

White-Tailed Deer White-tailed deer are found in all 67 Alabama counties. In fact, huntable populations of deer thrive close to all major metropolitan areas of the state. Deer hunting pumps millions of dollars into Alabama's economy each year, and recreational demand for deer hunting is growing rapidly.

Increasing numbers of landowners in Alabama are realizing the potential income from leasing their land to deer hunters. Others have capitalized on this demand by opening commercial hunting operations.

Considering their present abundance and the accounts of early explorers to Alabama, it's hard to imagine that deer were once nearly eliminated from the state. Fewer than 10,000 deer, restricted largely to isolated river bottoms of southwestern counties, existed in Alabama during the early 1900s.

Protection, favorable land-use changes, and restocking deer in suitable habitat allowed populations to respond dramatically. Alabama's herd now numbers in excess of 1 million deer.   Read more...

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