W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award

Selection Criteria

Almost anyone may be eligible for the W. Kelly Mosley Award for Achievement in Forestry, Wildlife, and Related Resources - youths, adults, practitioners, professionals, technicians, individual citizens, and groups - if their voluntary contributions have resulted in the wiser use of our natural resources and the betterment of our communities.  Each nomination is discussed and evaluated individually by the Steering and Selection Committee. 

The By-Laws of the Steering and Selection Committee specify the following criteria be used when evaluating nominations for the Award

         1.      Did the achievement occur in Alabama or was the achievement directly applicable to Alabama?
         2.      Did the subject matter of the achievement directly relate to some aspect of forestry, wildlife, or related resources?
         3.      Has the achievement been previously recognized?
         4.      The Program seeks to recognize outstanding voluntary contributions. If the achievement occurred as a regular part of the
                   nominee's job responsibilities, did the achievement uniquely and clearly exceed what could otherwise be considered a "job well done." 
         5.      Did the achievement occur as a cost to the nominee instead of the public, the business, etc.?
         6.      Did the achievement exhibit educational value?
         7.      Did the achievement represent pace-setting action?
         8.      Have others emulated the practice?
         9.      Did others benefit from the achievement?
         10.    Did the achievement lead to desirable ends.

It is not required that each nomination meet ALL the criteria equally.