W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award

"Pine Glade at Dawn" (2002) by William Baggett

Pine Glade at Dawn Mosley Painting by William Baggett

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1946, William Baggett is Professor Emeritus of Art and Design at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Before arriving at USM, Baggett taught for thirteen years at the University of Mississippi and at Auburn University.  While an instructor at Auburn, he was recognized in 1982 with an endowed Alumni Professorship for Scholarly and Creative Achievement.  He also received the University of Southern Mississippi's Faculty Award for Creative Research and Achievement.

The original painting "Pine Glade at Dawn" illustrates a typical scene from the W. Kelly Mosley's "pinelands" property in Marengo county.  The painting captures the quiet elegance of early morning in the glade.   Not only does the painting use beautiful pastel colors and natural forms and plants to capture the awakening day, the scene has a number of native animals including deer, squirrel, quail, turkey, and even blue jays warning of a snake in the low bush of the foreground, all subtly placed in plain sight.

The prints made from this original painting are of the highest quality and 27.5 inches high by 34 inches in width.  Each print is professionally framed in wood, matted, glass covered and labeled with a brass plaque naming the Award recipient or the nominator.


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