W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award

Mosley Awards Nomination Form

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In order for the Steering and Selection Committee to properly evaluate each nomination, please provide as much information as possible for each of the 10 criteria below. Please be concise and provide specific examples of achievements when and where appropriate. Please use 500 words or less for each question.
Selection Criteria

  1. Did the achievement occur in Alabama or was the achievement directly applicable to Alabama?  Please describe.
  2. Did the subject matter of the achievement directly relate or support some aspect of forestry, wildlife, fisheries, soil, water, air, wild flowers, non-game wildlife, environmental education, conservation and urban forestry? Please describe.
  3. Has the achievement been previously recognized by any other award or recognition program? If so, which? If previously recognized by the W. Kelly Mosley program, please clearly explain how this nomination differs from the earlier recognition.
  4. The Program seeks to recognize outstanding voluntary contributions. If the achievement occurred as a regular part of the nominee's job responsibilities, did the achievement uniquely and clearly exceed what could otherwise be considered a "job well done." Please clearly explain how or why the achievement exceeds what would otherwise be considered a “job well done.”
  5. Did the achievement occur as a cost to the nominee instead of the public, the business, etc.?
  6. Did the nominee’s achievement exhibit educational value?
  7. Did the nominee’s achievement represent pace-setting action?
  8. Have others adopted or emulated the practice?
  9. Please describe how others have benefitted from the achievement?
  10. Please describe the desirable ends of the achievement (e.g., what positive change came about due to the nominee’s achievement).

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