W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award

Nomination Content

Nomination for the Mosley Environmental Award should have the following three components.

         1.  Complete contact information of the nominator including address, phone and email.
         2.  Contact information for the proposed recipient (candidate) including address and phone number.
         3.  A description of the accomplishments of the candidate which clearly, concisely, and adequately presents
those accomplishments worthy of recognition by the Mosley Environmental Awards Program.  This narrative is the heart of the nomination.  It should be at least two pages in length and point out the voluntary nature of the accomplishment, relation to natural resources, personal sacrifice, and value to the community.  Letters of support from friends and colleagues may be included in the nomination, as well as pictures, newspaper stories or other relevant supporting material.

Persons may nominate themselves or any other individual or group they believe to be qualified.

Nomination Submission

Nominations may be submitted using one of three possible ways.
1.      Nominations may be made using the on-line submission form.
2.      Nominations may be submitted via surface mail by printing and completing a NOMINATION  FORM.
3.      Nominations may be submitted via email to the Mosley Professor at mcnabb@auburn.edu.  All nominations should contain contact information for both the nominator and possible recipient along with supporting documentation. 


Nominations are accepted any time of the year, although the Steering and Selection Committee evaluates the nominations at their biannual Spring and Fall meetings.