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Impact of invasive species

Non-native invasive species can have numerous impacts within natural areas, production forest lands, pastures, right of ways, roadsides, and urban green spaces. Invasive plant infestations can out-compete native species, eventually displacing or killing them. Reductions in native plant biodiversity and health in turn lead to reduced availability of wildlife food and habitat. Some invasive species also have additional negative effects on ecosystem functions, such as fire regimes, water cycles, soil characteristics, and the regeneration of forests and other natural areas. Ultimately, infestations reduce crop and forest productivity, impact wildlife, hamper hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities and reduce ecosystem functioning.

In addition to costs associated with harm to the environment and reduced land productivity, invasive plant control costs billions of dollars each year. Unless caught early, control of invasive plant infestations can take years of herbicide applications and/or extensive cutting, mowing, mulching or pulling. Preventing the establishment of invasive plants and catching infestations when still small are the most cost-effective ways to help slow the spread of invasive plants across the landscape.

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