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Dendrology: Tree Identification

Silvics of North America (Ag Handbook 654)
USDA Forest Service "Silvics of North America" describes the silvical characteristics of about 200 conifers and hardwood trees in the conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Individual articles were researched and written by knowledgeable Forest Service, university, and cooperating scientists. They were reviewed by their counterparts in research and academia. The project took 10 years to complete. The revised manual retains all of the essential material from the original publication, plus new information accumulated over the past quarter of a century. It promises to serve as a useful reference and teaching tool for researchers, educators, and practicing foresters both within the United States and abroad.

  • Volume 1: Conifers - HTML  or  PDF
  • Volume 2: Hardwood - HTML  or  PDF

Woody Plant Seed Manual
This manual has the most comprehensive information available on seeds and seed technology in the US. First published in the 1940's and revised in 1974, a new revision is underway.

Forest Plants of the Southeast and their Wildlife Uses

by James H. Miller, USDA Forest Service and Karl V. Miller, University of Georgia

The Southern Weed Science Society has published a field manual for forest plants common in the Southeast. This 454-page, field-durable manual describes 330 species of forbs, grasses, shrubs, woody vines, and ferns. There are 644 images to illustrate the plants and their identifying features. Species common to forests, right-of-ways, and natural areas are the focus. Many non-native invasive species are included as well as wetland plants. Important wildlife uses are summarized for each plant genus.

Users: Forest managers and landowners, wildlife specialists and hunters, natural area managers, nature and wildflower enthusiasts, teachers and students. Instructors should consider this manual for use as a supplemental or required text.

The cost is $36 (includes shipping and handling). Make checks payable to The Southern Weed Science Society, include your name and address, and send to Robert Schmidt, Society Business Manager, 1508 W. University Ave., Champaign, IL 61821-3135 or phone (217) 352-4212, fax 217-352-4241, or email: raschwssa@aol.com. A CD version with high resolution images will be coming soon.