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Accomplishing goals for stewardship principles might require professional assistance, information, and data. The goal of this website is to provide information that helps you achieve your stewardship goals. The information is organized by the seven stewardship principles. Some material might be referenced more than once if it addresses multiple aspects of stewardship.

Before you begin using these resources please review the Stewardship Handbook. This website contains the resources and tools to help you define and achieve your personal goals.

To navigate though the resources for the seven principles click the buttons on the left margin of this page.

"Management Resources" provides links to more general resources available for developing forest management plans.

W. Kelly Mosley Environmental
Awards Program

The W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award program seeks to publicly recognize achievements that have resulted in the wiser use of our renewable natural resources. The Award is given for outstanding voluntary efforts in forestry, wildlife, fisheries, soil, water, air, wildflowers, non-game wildlife, environmental education, conservation and urban forestry. The W. Kelly Mosley environmental Award is intended for persons whose efforts have not been previously recognized.

W. Kelly Mosley Nomination Form

The Helene Mosley Memorial TREASURE Award is given annually to outstanding TREASURE Forest owners. The Mosley Award Program By-Laws consider the Achievement Award and the HMMTFA as “equivalent and parallel tracks of the
same award.” The HMMTFA is given annually to three individuals, one each from
the north, central, and southern regions of the state. Winners are selected by the TREASURE Forest Committee of the Alabama Natural Resources Council and is based upon on how well a landowner displays the TREASURE Forest philosophy
of good stewardship. That philosophy must be reflected by those accomplishments and educational activities conducted on the property that promote good forest stewardship to others. Winners receive a framed copy of an original artwork, a certificate of recognition, and a $500 cash prize from the Mosely Award Program. Please submit a Word Document to the following:

Helene Mosley Nomination Form

Outstanding County Natural Resources Council Program
All local (county) Councils are eligible to participate in the awards program. Counties nominating themselves should fill out the Annual Report Form, which also serves as the Application Forms. If a computer generated form is used, it must be in the same format as the example and not exceed 4 pages. Up to four one-sided pages of additional documentation may be attached. Nominations should be submitted through this online form or mailed to Tim Albritton, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), 3381 Skyway Drive, Auburn, AL 36830.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting nominations: (a) do not use binders or folders of any kind; (b) do not staple, just clip the pages together; (c) nominations should be high quality, black and white pages ready for high-speed duplication.

The top two councils will be selected from all nominations received by September 1st. The top two councils will be notified.

The winning committee is ineligible to participate for a period of two years following
this award.

A completed W-9 form is required prior to check disbursement.

If you have any questions please contact: Tim Albritton, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), 3381 Skyway Drive, Auburn, AL 36830. Tel: (334) 887-4560, Fax: (334) 887-4551, e-mail Tim.Albritton@al.usda.gov.

Outstanding County Natrual Resources Annual Report and Application Form