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The most critical forest management tool is logging. It provides the income the owner desires and creates the conditions needed for growth and regeneration of the forest. Choosing a logger that can achieve the desired conditions following logging is as important as the income produced.

Many of the US forest products companies are participants in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). SFI promotes the use of Qualified Logging professionals for timber destined for participating mills. The Alabama State SFI implementation committee has designated the Professional Logging Management (PLM) program as the source of qualified loggers. This program increases the awareness of SFI principles, sustainable forestry, Best Management Practice implementation, logging safety, and business compliance. Qualified loggers must complete 6 of of continuing education each year to maintain their status.

Program content is directed by the Logger Education Subcommittee and developed by educators from Auburn University, School of Forestry and Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Specifically the PLM program covers these topics:

  • Sustainable forestry principles and the SFI program
  • Best management practices for water quality
  • Reforestation, invasive exotic plants and animals, forest resource conservation, aesthetics and special sites
  • U.S. Endangered Species Act and other measures to protect wildlife habitat
  • Logging Safety
  • OSHA regulations, wage and hour rules, and other employment laws
  • Transportation issues
  • Business management
  • Public policy and outreach
  • Awareness of emerging technologies

For more information on the PLM program and related courses and schedules, please visit the Alabama Forestry Association's website.

For program participants

  • Submit your hours to the Alabama Forestry Association either by fax (334) 262-1258, email plm@alaforestry.org, or mail 555 Alabama Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.

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About logging

According to BLS statistics there are over 4000 logging employees in Alabama that work for just over 600 firms. Those firms have total wages of over $140 million. In addition they produce 1.1 billion cubic feet of timber worth nearly $600 million dollars to landowners. That wood provides the raw material for industry with over $10 billion sales. Each logging firm starts a chain reaction worth more than $16 million to the state of Alabama!