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Forestry Aesthetics Guide

Forestry Aesthetics GuideAPA recognized the need to prepare a guide to improve the aesthetics of forest operations. AF&PA joined FRA (formally the American Pulpwood Association was established in 1935 to promote the interests of forest products industry members. On January 1, 2000, this national trade association changed its name to the Forest Resources Association, Inc.) in this effort due to its research findings that highlighted the public's concerns about forests and their management. The research revealed that some of the public thought future generations would not have all the benefits from the forest we enjoy today. The SFI is a comprehensive program of forestry and conservation practices of which aesthetics is a fundamental consideration.

Purpose & Introduction

  • The Audience
  • The Concern
  • The Goal
  • Aesthetics Planning
  • Sensitivity


The next step is implementing this Guide's recommendations. Implementation will be accomplished through a cooperative effort and commitment by foresters, loggers, landowners, and other resource professionals. The Guide's recommendations should be incorporated into current operational planning and activities and integrated into forestry training and education programs. The entire forestry community should be encouraged to include aesthetic considerations in its overall management approach. Together, we can improve the aesthetics of forestry operations and assure the public that our forests can provide for the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for future generations.


Forestry Aethetics Guide Glossary

The Forest Resources Association (FRA) and the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) have prepared this guide in cooperation with:

This publication has been a special project of FRA's Southeastern Technical Division Aesthetics of Forest Operations Task Force nad Southwide Aesthetics of forest Operations Manual Working Group.

Special thanks to all the other individuals and organizations
who have contributed to the Guide.

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