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Managing Your Forest With the Help of a
Consulting Forester

Adapted from "Pennsylvania Woodlands" Number 11
Stephen B. Jones and Roe S. Cochran

Find A Consulting Forester
What is a consulting forester?
When do I need a consulting forester?

How can I establish a relationship with a consultant?

By practicing sound forest management, forest owners can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits from their forests: timber products, clean water, abundant wildlife, aesthetics, and peace of mind. However, the forest is a complex natural system, and proper management requires a broad understanding of many biological processes, as well as an appreciation for the economic, social, and personal pressures that influence forest decisions. In fact, the task of proper forest management is so complicated that most forest owners periodically need the assistance of a professional forester.

The purposes of this page are:

  1. To encourage landowners to seek professional forestry assistance.
  2. To describe the types of professional services available from consulting foresters.
  3. To offer suggestions for acquiring those services.

Professionally managed forests yield more timber, have a higher net present value, suffer fewer environmental impacts, and generally provide a more pleasurable experience to their owners than do non-managed forests. Professional assistance is available from a number of public and private sources, including the Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and private forestry consultants.

Before discussing the partnership between landowner and consulting forester, it is necessary to explain the qualifications of and services offered by consulting foresters.