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Your Forest Your Future

As a private, non-industrial forest landowner be proud you are one of more than 200,000 Alabamians who own approximately 73% of the state's 22 million forested acres. The forest industry, incidentally, owns 22% of that acreage with the remaining 5% in the hands of various government agencies.

Who owns alabama's forests? 73% Private Landowners, 22% Forest Industry, and 5% Government Agencies









Daily, products from your "world-class" forests impact the lives of countless millions of your neighbors in Alabama and around the globe. Yours is the resource that drives the $13.2 billion forest products industry, the state's largest. Few in Alabama have family members or friends unaffected by the health of our forests.

The Alabama forest products industry directly employs approximately 70,000 with an annual payroll in excess of $2 billion, the largest of any manufacturing industry in the state. Another 100,000 workers are indirectly dependent on the forest industry for an additional $2.3 billion in earnings. The forest industry is also the state's top exporter at $1.23 billion, or about 23% of all Alabama exports.

Every citizen of Alabama should be proud of their forest resource ... and not just for the impact it has on the economy of the state ... but for its other assets as well. Perhaps without realizing how much, the public is coming increasingly to value forests for such dividends as fish and wildlife, water quality, recreation and tranquility. It will require careful planning on your part as a landowner to achieve your objective while at the same time promoting sustainability of your forest

Adapted from Sustainable Forest - Key to Your Future! Alabama Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee.  Montgomery, Alabama