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Need to Talk to an Extension Professional?

There are several types of Alabama Extension professionals you can contact:

County Extension Agents
County agents can help you find out about local events, provide you with certain publications, or often help with natural resources questions. There is a county Extension office in every Alabama county waiting to serve you

Extension Specialists
Extension Specialists are faculty members at Auburn University. Typically a specialist has expertise on a particular subject matter. They can answer questions over the phone, email, and letters. Because their area of responsibility covers the entire state, Extension Specialists do not typically have the resources to conduct on-site visits.

Outreach/Continuing Education
We offer continuing education programs, Professional Logging Manager credits and Continuing Forestry Education credits. For more information, please contact us.

Regional Extension Agents for Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources
There are seven regional agents specializing in Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resources. These individuals have received specialized training and can usually answer most technical questions related to natural resources management, including forestry, wildlife, and pond management. They can also make limited on-site visits to discuss natural resources management on your property.

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Regional Map with Contacts



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