Peach and Strawberry Update

April 01, 2012

Noticed plum curculio (PC) larvae infested fruit had begun to drop from peach trees. I would estimate that fruit began to abort and drop on 3/28/12. This means that 1st eggs were laid about 3/14/12 this season. I will need to check with Dr. Mensah to see how PC activity is progressing at the Chilton Research and Extension Center.
Fruit are developing in peach orchards with the lower chill varieties progressing the most. However, in many of these varieties there seems to be a high number of fruit that were not pollinated. Beginning to see large seperation in size of fruit between unpollinated and pollinated within these varities.

Strawberry harvest has begun in Chilton County. Have seen some botrytis (gray mold) at light levels at this time. Fungicide program and spray intervals will need to be adjusted based on frequency of rainfall being received.

Posted by boozert at April 1, 2012 09:26 PM