Cool Season Trap Crops Working

March 28, 2012

Good growth was obtained with many of the cool season trap crops such as wheat. Now that seed heads are forming they are becoming attractive to leaffooted bugs and stink bugs. Dr. Clement Mensah reported high numbers in plots located between Montgomery and Auburn at EV Smith Research Center. These pests will be feeding and mating and laying eggs. Control in the trap crops is advised prior to insect movement out of these into the cash crop.
Weeds around fields can also be attractive to various pests. If these are mowed or killed you should be scouting your fields or orchards for movement of damaging insects into them.

Peach crop here in central Alabama are coming along nicely. Earlier than normal development of lower chill varieties has them about 10-14 days ahead of "normal". Some highest chill varieties are slow to develop due to the lack of chill hours over the winter. On most farms there are 3-4 varietie that fit this pattern of delayed development.
Peach growers are providing pest management treatments as needed and have begun to thin fruit to improve size on varieties that are advanced enough.

Posted by boozert at March 28, 2012 08:29 AM