Rapid Increase in Activity

March 13, 2012

Last Thursday we captured our first plum curculio (PC) in an unmanaged peach orchard here at the office. From four pyramid traps we caught 5 PC. Today, five days later we removed 23 or over 4 times the number of adults.

Peach trees in this block are old nemaguard rootstock and flower bud stage is early to mid petal fall. Normally higher number of PC coincides with open flower stage to petal fall.

Another interesting occurance is the higher number of PC found today at greater distance from the wooded border. Plum curculio typically migrate to woods and fence row type winter cover, out of the orchard. It would appear that perhaps more of the late season adults overwintered within the orchard this past winter.

If this is the case then growers using a targeted IPM approach might not be able to get by with only a border row/perimeter spray for the first post "Petal Fall" insecticide application for PC.

Black Pyramid Trap at Field Border for Plum Curculio Monitoring, 2007 R. Boozer

Posted by boozert at March 13, 2012 08:41 AM