Peach Season Nearing End

August 12, 2011

Most growers in Central Alabama are getting really close to ending the 2011 peach season. Only a few varieties remain. 'Fairtime' is one of those "near the end" varieties and some of the fruit is beginning to be harvested now. I was checking Trap Crop plots this morning next to our 'Flameprince' block and there are some harvestable fruit still in the trees.
Even the insects seem to know that time is running.
Bumble Bees Feeding-Peach.JPG
Sweet meal nearing the end for these bumble bees (Photo: Bobby Boozer)

Activities that growers are accomplishing right now include peach tree borer trunk sprays, light prunning, and some are beginning fertilizing trees (this will increase over the next few weeks).

Plum curculio numbers were zero for this week in our traps. Stink bug number in our trap crop plots were light. Leaffooted bug numbers were high, especially plots with pearl millet seed heads in the soft dough stage.

Posted by boozert at August 12, 2011 10:49 AM