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 Tuesday, July 7, 2015
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Welcome to the Central Alabama Master Gardener Association (CAMGA) web site

If you don't know about Master Gardeners here is an overview...

Who we are and what we do: Women and men interested in gardening who live in and around Elmore County and have the time and the desire to learn, to teach positive horticultural practices to homeowners and students, and to help our community.

How we become Master Gardeners: Submit an application to the Elmore County Extension Office, pay the required fee, attend the class in the fall, and contribute 50 hours of your time working on CAMGA projects.

Why we become Master Gardeners: To do what we love to do (grow plants and learn more about plants and horticultural practices) while helping our local community.


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We teach consumers practical problem-solving for the home, lawn and garden. We strive to improve the enjoyment and safety of your home property, while ensuring the safety of Alabama's environment.
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