2003 Alabama State LifeSmarts Competition


1st Place Winners


Left to Right: Coach Bethany Kelley, Lisa Powell-Walsh, Chritopher Bumbarger, Andrew Holaway (Captain), Heather Dobbs, Nikki Stone



Left to Right: Sarah Jenkins (Captain), Darra Gaboya, Heather Riddle, Lisa Fletcher, Garret Slaughter (not pictured), and Coach Bethany Kelley (not pictured)



Left to Right: Andrea Williams, Tynika Harrell, Jenobia Talton, Darrin Williams (Captain), Amy Williamson, and Coach Margaret Broadnax


Dr. Bernice Wilson, Alabama LifeSmarts Coordinator, prepares the participants for the competition.


Question Master Lee Marshall, WAFF Anchor Channel 48, with [left to right] John Barrett, Vice Presiden Compass Bank Northwest; Dr. Marquita Furness-Davis, Director of Title III Sponsored Programs and Development at Lawson Community College; and Daniel G. Lord, Education and Public Affairs officer for the Alabama Securities Commission


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