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Someone might buy their first car when they are 45 years old. Usually, that first car purchase is sometime around age 20. Does retirement at age 60 or 70 sound normal? It's not at all uncommon that many people are retiring at age 40. It's not easy to say where each financial matter best fits in a life span. That's why financial education programs usually focus on specific topics such as budgeting, credit management, retirement planning, etc. Still, it is important people understand that individual financial decisions do impact the collective financial life. This is especially true for people with intergenerational financial responsibilities. This is an audience that may be interested in attending a single financial education program that combines such topics as buying your first car, opening a Roth IRA and long term care insurance.

LifeCour$e presents financial management as it relates to a model life cycle of 90 years. The life span is divided into six segments, each of 15 years. It is understood that financial events and decisions do not always coincide with these defined time frames. The use of the life span timeline is for simplification purposes only. The timeframe segments collectively serve as a financial framework demonstration of a basic financial plan. Topic information may be accessed within each timeframe segment or through the site search window.

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