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Developed for use by Extension professionals, this site is a clearinghouse of financial management resources, information, programs, curricula and linkages. LifeCour$e is not a program. It is instead a one-stop on-line shop offering component resources that can be utilized in the development of programs that are custom made for specific audiences.

Though the site provides access to materials and information addressing the diverse financial education needs of all age groups, the format is intended to facilitate program development oriented primarily for use with the "Sandwich-Spread" audience. The "Sandwich-Spread" audience is described as being those persons age 35 to 55 who, in addition to personal considerations, have financial responsibilities for both parents and children. Individuals within this focused implementation group represent an opportunity for significant information transference to both older and younger audiences. As such, programming content that may specifically focus on youth or elderly audiences is included and may be adapted for implementation to "Sandwich-Spread" audiences. The intent is to present information in the perspective of the "Sandwich-Spread" audience.

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