Junior Master Gardener


To become a registered JMG® group:

  1. Have a minimum of five youth in a group.
  2. Have one or more adult leaders or teachers for the group.
  3. Have a suitable meeting facility (ie: classroom, garden area, etc.).
  4. Fill out enrollment packet - this is in the Appendix (pg. 217) or downloadable here:
    1. JMG® Volunteer Enrollment Form and JMG® Registration Agreement
    2. JMG® Group Enrollment Form
  5. Send completed enrollment packet to the state JMG® office.
  6. When your enrollment packet is received your group will receive a certificate showing that the group is a registered program. The enrollment packet does not obligate all youth to become registered Junior Master Gardeners. It simply recognizes that youth at a particular site are participating in the JMG® program.

Why Should I Register My Group?

Registering your group is fast and free. You are not obligated to the Junior Master Gardener® program (no annual fees, you aren't obligated to complete the entire program, etc.). Registering gives us a way of knowing where our program is working and how we can provide program updates and information to you. The greatest advantage to registering your group is that registered groups may submit pictures to be added to their very own web page within the National JMG® website.