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Program Impact

The JMG® program currently serves students in public school, home school and private school settings in which over 54% are ethnic minorities.

What do people say about JMG®?

Teachers & Leaders

"It was a treat for the kids to go pick something off the vine and just rinse it off and eat it for a snack"
- Rocky Hamilton, Instructor,
Vernon Boys and Girls Club

"JMG® is a hands-on program aligned to academic standards and includes many outdoor large muscle gardening activities. It is so refreshing for our students to be able to cover the TEKS in other than a test format. The children enjoy the activities."
- Kathleen Coburn, Ph.D., Director of Math, Science, Gifted Education Temple ISD

"It is evident that the JMG® program has had a positive impact on the academic achieve-ment of the students who are directly involved. I would highly recommend this program to other school districts that are interested in extending the learning that takes place in the classroom. If you can match the program with a dynamic teacher, the sky is the limit."
- Gonzalo Salazar, Principal, Palmer-Laakso Elementary School, Los Fresnos
Consolidated ISD

"I can't begin to express the added joy and learning that has gone on in my classroom. You will see not only a garden grow, but your students grow as well."
- Jennifer Stein, 5th Grade Teacher

"The counties I serve have some of the highest rates of childhood diabetes in Texas and it is directly related to diet. The JMG® Curriculum, Health and Nutrition from the Garden, has been a highly successful and effective tool to train teachers to introduce kids to better eating habits, while having fun gardening."
- Barbara Storz, County Extension Agent, Hidalgo County, TX

JMG group Volunteers

"The lessons learned through this program far exceed the basics of when and what to plant and how to nurture living things. We are planting the seed of self worth, community pride, city beautification and civic involvement in the future generation of our town. It is amazing that all of this can be taught with a handful of volunteers and in just a few hours a month."
- JMG® Volunteer Leader Errin Dunbar

class roomKids

I enjoyed JMG® very much. It is the best science class I have ever had. I did things I enjoy instead of school work. Instead we taught little kids, gardened, composted, and did activities."
- Lauren, 5th grader St. Joseph's
Eagles JMG® Group

"I hope this program stays for a long time and teaches kids like me because it gives us the chance to help a lot of people and learn how important plants are for us to live."
- Andres Garcia, 10 year old,
Foster Drive JMG® Program