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Bibb-Chilton Regional Recycling

How Do I Recycle & What Are The Steps Involved?

Step 1: Plan In Advance

Think about what you will collect and store the materials in to take them to the recycling container. Plastic trash bags are good, but consider instead reusing plastic shopping bags, as they can be just as easily tied off, loaded and taken to the recycling bin. There is no extra cost, and you are reusing plastic bags that cannot be recycled.

Step 2: Before You Recycle

If you are recycling any of the accepted forms of paper, you only need to place the paper in the recycling bag, tie it off and drop it into the properly-marked recycling bin. But if you are recycling plastic, aluminum or metal, there is an extra step or two involved.

Step 3:Rinse Containers & Discard Plastic Caps

Lightly rinsing plastic, aluminum or metal food or drink containers with water reduces the possibility of unwanted pests and undesirable smells at your home prior to recycling. Please discard plastic bottle tops, as they cannot be recycled.

Step 4: Recycling Bins–To Separate Or Not Separate?

The recycling bins have one large, undivided compartment. Thus, all recycling materials will go into the same compartment and separation is not required. Most importantly, place ONLY the allowable materials (paper, metal, plastic) into clearly marked recycling containers.

Alabama Department of Environmental Management - ADEM
Alabama Environmental Council - AEC

This project was funded by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management through a grant from the Alabama Recycling Fund, and it is the result of cooperation among many partners, including the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama Environmental Council, Alabama Department of Corrections, Bibb County Commission, Chilton County Commission, Chilton County Solid Waste Authority, Bibb County Schools, Bibb County Chamber of Commerce and municipalities in Bibb and Chilton counties.