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<< Saturday, June 30, 2018 >>
Event: Dallas County Farmers Market Start: 6/30/18 6:00am
Fee: Free End: 6/30/18 2:00pm
Calendar(s): Farm & Agribusiness Management; Commercial Horticulture; Human Nutrition Diet & Health
Address: Bloch Park 108 Dallas Ave. Selma, AL 36701 County: Dallas
Contact Name: Market Manager Phone: 334-366-4575
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Description: The Dallas County Farmers' Market will officially be opened for its 2018 season beginning on Saturday, June 2 through Saturday, November 3. The market will be opened on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. or until the last vendor sells out. For more information or if you have questions, please contact the market manager at 334-366-4575.

Event: Hands-on Gastro-Intestinal Parasitism Start: 6/30/18 8:00am
Fee: Free End: 6/30/18 11:00am
Calendar(s): Animal Science & Forages; 4-H & Youth Development; 4-H & Youth Development; Urban Affairs
Address: 1661 Ed Temple Blvd, Nashville TN 37209 County: Madison
Contact Name: Maria Leite-Browning Phone:
Event Website: Email:
Description: This is an annual series of Free research-based workshops, that will be focused on internal parasitism management of sheep and goats because of: * Hardiness should be considered in addition to reproductive merit when making genetic choices. * Sheep and Goats with inherently higher sensitivities to internal parasite loads will exhibit lower production levels, higher maintenance costs, and(or) higher mortality rates. * Wet climate pasture conditions typical of the Southeast US promote the increased condition to gastrointestinal parasitism. Internal parasites are often cited as a major threat to sheep and goat productivity. These are strategies that will improve Enterprise Sustainability and Profitability IMPACTS OF ACES SMALL RUMINANT INTERNAL PARASITES CONTROL Program: have included positive feedbacks for including McMaster for worms Fecal Eggs Count wet-lab training along with the discussion of FAMACHA system. For example, one producer in Alabama indicated that her costs of WORM control in her Kiko herd has dropped from $727 in 2005 to $180 dollars in 2015 as a result of the combined FAMACHA and McMaster FEC trainings. Past educational contacts over the course of this project also affected genetic management when a survey was applied to program participants indicated that 61% of respondents indicated approach to breed selection was affected or changed, 56% of producers started or modified performance recording activities, and 53% of the producer attendees modified their within-herd selection and culling procedures. DATE: Saturday June 30, 2018 TIME: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM LOCATION: 1661 Ed Temple Blvd, Nashville TN 37209

Event: RiverKids Paddle Start: 6/30/18 8:00am
Fee: TBA End: 6/30/18 12:00pm
Calendar(s): 4-H & Youth Development; Agronomic Crops; Animal Science & Forages; Farm & Agribusiness Management; Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resource Mgmt.; Home Grounds, Gardens & Home Pests; Human Nutrition Diet & Health; 4-H & Youth Development
Address: 525 SCHOOL STREET County: Barbour
Contact Name: ALLIE CORCORAN Phone: 3344021347
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Description: Come join Barbour and Russell County 4-H for a NEW Club full of kayaking, fishing, and environmental education!!!

Event: Bull Calf Evaluation and Marketing Workshop Start: 6/30/18 9:00am
Fee: 0.0 End: 6/30/18 12:00pm
Calendar(s): Animal Science & Forages
Address: 2833 Jack Springs Road, Atmore County: Escambia
Contact Name: Kelly Palmer Phone: 251-654-7149
Event Website: Email:
Description: The workshop will teach producers how to evaluate bull calves and how to effectively market these bulls once they have been developed into breeding bulls. The workshop will focus on teaching producers how to evaluate a bull calf's skeletal and foot structure, muscling and reproductive potential. These physical attributes are very important in how long the bull can remain in the herd.

Event: Landmark Park/ACES/Wiregrass Beekeepers Association Honey Extraction Demonstration Start: 6/30/18 9:00am
Fee: End: 6/30/18 12:00pm
Calendar(s): Urban Affairs; Home Grounds, Gardens & Home Pests; Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resource Mgmt.
Address: Landmark Park, Dothan County: Houston
Contact Name: Phone: 3347943452
Event Website: Email: parkinfo@landmarkparkdothan
Description: The annual extraction of honey from the hives at Landmark Park. The public is invited for this hands-on activity to learn about the process of extraction, honey bee biology and beekeeping. Honey will be bottled for sale at the time of extraction and the proceeds benefit the beekeeping program at Landmark Park.