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<< Saturday, June 17, 2017 >>
Event: Title: Hands-on Internal Parasitism of sheep and goats through Management Strategies to improve Enterprise Sustainability and Profitability Start: 6/17/17 8:00am
Fee: FREE End: 6/17/17 11:00am
Calendar(s): Animal Science & Forages; Animal Science & Forages; Animal Science & Forages; Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resource Mngt.; Animal Science & Forages; Urban Affairs
Address: 4900 Meridian Street , Huntsville AL County: Houston
Contact Name: Maria Leite-Browning or Willie Durr Phone: 256-372-4954 ; 334-794-4108
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Description: : Enhanced fitness (health traits) in small ruminants is central for enterprise long-term sustainability and profitability. It will require genetically fit animals to reduce management inputs while achieving satisfactory levels of reproductive output in the Southeast U.S. This is a series of research-based workshops proposed that will be focused on gastrointestinal management of sheep and goats because of: * Hardiness should be considered in addition to reproductive merit when making genetic choices. * Sheep and Goat with inherently higher susceptibility to internal parasite will exhibit lower production levels, higher maintenance costs, and(or) higher mortality rates in the herd. * Wet climate pasture conditions typical of the Southeast US promote the increased condition to gastrointestinal parasitism. Internal parasites are often cited as a major threat to sheep and goat productivity. Producers will learn about: * Phenotyping and selecting for genetic resistance to gastro-intestinal parasites in sheep and goat herds * Hands-on microscopic identification and count (modified McMaster technique) of parasite eggs; a tool for to select resilient animals to worms. * Basic forages and pasture management practices to minimize GI infection in sheep and goats. Contact The Houston County Extension Office for registration.