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 Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Call 1-800-424-LEAD to order pamphlet# EPA747-K-99-001.

Pre-Renovation Lead Information Rule

The Lead Pre-Renovation Education Rule (PRE), also known as section 406(b) of the Toxic Substances Control Act, is a rule requiring people performing renovation for compensation to distribute a lead hazard information pamphlet prior to commencing the renovation.

Through Title IV of the Toxic Substances Control Act, Congress directed EPA to address the public's risk of exposure to lead-based paint hazards through regulations, education, and other activities. Of particular concern to Congress were potential lead exposure risks that could occur during renovations of housing containing lead-based paint.

Does the Lead Pre-Renovation Education Rule apply to you? If your job is for compensation and will require you to disturb more than 2 square feet of paint in pre-1978 housing, then you are a renovator for the purposes of Lead PRE. This is not dependent upon whether what you do is typically considered a renovation. Whether you are a plumber, a drywaller, a painter, or an electrician, if your job requires that you disturb more than 2 square feet of paint, then you must comply with Lead PRE.

Fact Sheet

The term compensation extends beyond money. Providing services in exchange for other services (e.g. bartering) is included within the term. Lead PRE applies to owners renovating their own apartment buildings using maintenance staff as well as neighborhood handymen providing services to those in the neighborhood for services or goods other than money.

Work that is performed for free (e.g., no exchange of money, goods, or services) or work performed by Do-It-Yourselves in their homes is not covered by Lead PRE. Work that is performed during an emergency (i.e. a hazardous, non-routine situation that could either threaten public health or cause substantial property damage) is also excluded from this rule.

However, if you are performing a renovation in pre-1978 housing and that renovation will disturb more than 2 square feet of paint, then you must give the owner of the housing a copy of the pamphlet and obtain an acknowledgment of receipt. If the housing is tenant occupied, then in addition to giving a copy of the pamphlet to the owner, you must provide a copy to the tenant and obtain an acknowledgment of receipt from the tenant as well. The same requirements apply to apartments in housing with more than four separate dwelling units. If the tenant or owner refuses or is unavailable to accept the pamphlet, Lead PRE allows for the renovator to certify the attempt. PRE also allows the renovator to mail the pamphlet (at least 7 days prior to the renovation) if a certificate of mailing is purchased from the Post Office when mailing the pamphlet.

Note: Lead PRE is effective one year after the date of publication.

If the renovation is to occur in a common area (e.g. laundry room, hallway, playground) of housing with more than four separate dwelling units, you must provide all residents of the building information on the timing and extent of the renovations slated to occur.

You may obtain singles copies of the pamphlet (available in both English and Spanish) from the NLIC by calling 1-800-424-LEAD. Multiple copies are available through the Government Printing Office (GPO), and may be ordered by calling the GPO Order Desk at (202) 512-1800, faxing (202) 512-2233, or writing to:

Superintendent of Documents
P.O. Box 371954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954

pamphlet.gif (4K)
Request the publication by title, Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home, and/or GPO stock #055-000-00507-9.



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