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Hello Baby

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. When pregnant, you come first. Caring for your baby while you’re pregnant really comes down to one simple task: taking good care of yourself. Pregnancy is a special timeblocks in your life. Until you havethe baby, you are his or her sole provider. You will be providing for your baby through the foods you eat and your physical activities.

During pregnancy, women experience a number of changes. Hormonal levels change. Blood sugar levels sometimes go wild. The digestive processes slow down and the stomach begins to secrete less acid. These are all partof being pregnant and can cause many of the discomforts experienced.

For the next several weeks, you and your baby will share the same body. If you eat well, get enough rest, and live a healthy lifestyle, so does your baby. To learn more about making healthy choices while pregnant join a local Today's Mom Class.

Welcome Home Baby

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