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Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


EFNEP offers programs for adults, moms-to-be, and youth. Listed below are programs currently available. Please contact your local Extension office for a program that fits your needs.

Eating Smart Being Active

Target Audience: Adults
Objective: To provide nutrition education to limited-resource families by working with clients in their homes, working with clients' neighbors, using what is available in the home, and helping in the development of healthier, happier families.


Today's Mom

Target Audience: Moms-to-be
Objective: To provide nutrition education to limited-resource moms-to-be, while contributing to their personal development, physical development and nutritional welfare of baby.


CATCH Programs

Target Audience: Youth
Objective: To encourage youth to eat healthier meals and snacks as a result of hands-on cooking experiences. Youth learn how to prepare simple, healthy foods they can make for themselves and other family members at home. In addition, they will learn good food safety practices.

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