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Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) is the most proven program to prevent childhood obesity and launch kids and communities toward healthier lifestyles. CATCH encourages youths to eat healthier meals and snacks as result of hands-on cooking experiences. Youths will learn how to prepare simple, healthy foods that they can make for themselves and other family members at home. Additionally, they will learn good food safety practices with each lesson.

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CATCH is a school and after-school program; it includes three lesson levels:

Jump Into Health (Kindergarten): The primary emphasis od CATCH Jump into Health is to encourage healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors.

Lesson 1: Being Healthy is Fun

Lesson 2: GO Foods

Lesson 3: Jumping Jacki and Gus Goodfood Love Vegetables

Lesson 4: Moving to a Beat

Lesson 5: Colorful Fruits

Lesson 6: Tricky Drinks



Taking Off (4th Grade): The primary emphasis of CATCH Taking Off is to increase the consumption of GO foods (the most healthful foods to eat) and to participate in GO activities (moderate-to-vigorous physical activities).


Lesson 1: Ready-Set-Go for Health

Lesson 2: GO-SLOW-WHOA Foods

Lesson 3 Physical Activity Means GO

Lesson 4: Fat Facts and TAke Out the Sugar

Lesson 5: The "Whole" Truth about Foods

Lesson 6: Good Choices



CATCH Kids Club (5th through 8th Grade): focuses on changes in behavioral factors that support healthful eating and physical activity patterns. It teaches participants skills to identify moderate-to-vigorous and weight-bearing types of physical activity, and to select and preapre food themselves.


Theme 1: Basic Concepts

Theme 2 & 5: Snacks and Screen-Time

Theme 3: Beverages

Theme 4: Fast Foods

Theme 6: Breakfast

Theme 7: Bone Health