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Bullying Quiz

Take the following quiz to see how well you understand bullying. Ask yourself whether each statement is bullying or not, then click on the answer to see how well you understand bullying (click again to close the answer).

A girl is intentionally not invited to a party while all of her friends were invited.

NO. Although this is a form of relational aggression, if it has not happened more than once it cannot be categorized as bullying.

After an argument a boy calls his classmate a bad name out loud and walks away.

NO. While this is aggressive behavior and done to intentionally hurt another person, this is a one-time incident.

A boy always mimics one of the other boys with a speech impediment during class.

YES. This is an example of verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is not only name-calling and rude jokes, but includes threats, intimidation, extortion, and mimicking.

A boy is pushed into his locker every day at school.

YES. This is an example of physical bullying that is done repeatedly and with intent to physically harm another person.

A picture of a freshman girl undressing for gym class was posted by a Senior on a social media site and shared with others.

YES. This is an example of cyberbullying and those involved can be charged with distributing child pornography. Youth who send the photos may be charged with distributing child pornography in some states. While those who receive the photos may be charged with receiving child pornography. If they distribute the photos to friends, then they also may face charges for distributing child pornography. Alabama has stringent anti-child pornography laws which carry significant prison time if convicted.

Someone sent a text message with a hurtful rumor and instructions to “forward it to everyone you know.”

YES. This is an example of cyberbullying. When someone widely forwards messages that are hurtful or that damage relationships with other people it is bullying.

At least twice a week this semester, someone has stolen the dessert out of a girl’s lunch.

Yes. This is an example of physical bullying. Physical bullying is not just hitting or pushing someone, it is also stealing and damaging another person’s property.