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You Can Make a Difference

Encourage Small Public Service Announcements

Ask your school administrator if they would incorporate bullying prevention messages or tips during the morning announcements. Offer to provide them with the messages.

Reach out to your school’s newsletter committee, newspaper staff, or webmaster and see if they would be willing to reserve space for content related to bullying prevention. This could be a small blurb, a tip sheet, or a question and answer section.

Create School-Wide Contest

A great way to bring awareness to bullying prevention is by connecting with the PTA, teachers, and counselors to create a school-wide or district-wide competition. You could start a t-shirt, poster, or bumper sticker design contest, where students write or draw creative anti-bullying messages.

To provide incentives for the contest, think of a creative way to reward the winners. Talk to local businesses about donating possible rewards. If there is a local or school calendar, find out if the winning poster/sticker/t-shirt design can be placed as the cover artwork.

You can also display the posters, t-shirts, or bumper stickers within the school’s hallways or at a prominent public place in the community.

Encourage your child to start an Anti-Bullying Club or create a Parents Group for Bullying Prevention

If preventing bullying is something that your child is passionate about, encourage them to start a club at school. The club can be in charge of monthly activities to raise awareness around bullying prevention and respect. Clubs can serve as a student voice that can be heard by members of the PTA, school personnel, and community leaders.

You can also start a group of your own! If preventing bullying is something that you are passionate about, you can start a parent group that raises awareness.

Create a Support Group

Families who have children that have been victims of bullying need support. Support groups help families understand that there are others who share their experiences. You can organize a support group by posting flyers in community centers or religious/spiritual organizations, as well as having it announced during PTA or your school’s open house. You can also create a group on a social media site for other parents to post and connect with each other.