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The quality of water that runs through your neighborhood reflects your quality of life.

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Planning for Storm Water:
Developing a Low Impact Solution

Eve Brantley
Alabama Extension Specialist

184 pages, fully illustrated

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Planning for Storm Water gives community planners the tools to improve water resources for economic development. It includes design ideas for better engineering, vegetation concepts, and case studies in real communities.

Planning for Storm Water, a new iBook from Alabama Extension, gives community planners the tools to make water a resource for greater economic development in it, you will learn:

  • Design ideas for green engineering
  • Vegetation concepts that combine natural beauty with reliable function
  • Case studies in real communities

Travel with Alabama Extension experts to communities across Alabama and learn how you community can protect water quality and plan for community development. City leaders, developers, and engineers take you behind the scenes to real case studies to show how storm water planning can shape a community for generations to come.

  • Railroad Park – Birmingham, Alabama
  • Toomer's Corner – Auburn, Alabama
  • Tornado Recovery – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
satellite image of a hurricane

When it’s done right, natural resources are protected and your community is perceived as beautiful, innovative, and inviting.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) Auburn University (AU) Alabama Department of Environmenntal Management (ADEM)