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Meet your new best friend, D.I.L.A. She is a Digital Interface for Logistics and Archives. Her job is to train you—the trainer. She is your guide through the 4-Hinnovator experience. Where you find D.I.L.A., you will find tips, tricks, and important information that will help you provide the best possible science and engineering experience for your own group of 4-Hinnovators.

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We’re glad you’re here to learn more about the 4-Hinnovators curriculum, and we hope that you’ll add it to your educational toolbox. Each 4-Hi lesson focuses on two engineering practices:

  1. Developing prototypes
  2. Building models

We want to help you prepare your young people for their future. It’s through the tradition of 4-H’s hands-on learning that your students will have the opportunity to apply statistics, solve problems, and undertake experimentation that comes naturally to people.

Below, you’ll find a brief synopsis of each 4-Hi course that is available to you for free through our Canvas delivery system.

4-Hi Goes Fast

Lesson 01: 4-Hi Goes Fast

Seen a cool car lately? What goes into making a great car? Style? Safety? Environmentally friendly? Those are the details engineers work out when they design a car or truck.

4-Hi Goes Fast Lessons:

  • Movin’ and Groovin’: 4-Hinnovators learn the importance of design when creating aerodynamic cars. Your 4-Hinnovators’ challenge is to build a prototype that is aerodynamic so it will go fast and energy efficient so it will go far.
  • Road Rocket: The science and engineering of energy is critical when designing cars. An automobile will not move without energy. Your 4-Hinnovators will learn about energy and that will help with their challenge of constructing a car that will travel 5 feet the fastest.
  • Made to Order: Your 4-Hinnovators design and simulate the assembly line process to speed up car manufacturing. In this 4-Hi challenge, your youth will create a design process that allows a car manufacturer to make as many cars as possible in 3 minutes.
  • Get a Grip: Engineers work to ensure that our tires and shoes are made from materials that last well, are designed to reduce the risk of injury, and make our foot or road journeys comfortable and pleasant. In this 4-Hi challenge, innovators will design tire treads to reduce accidents during rainy weather.

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4-Hi Feels Great

Lesson 02: 4-Hi Feels Great

Medical schools are important places. They train doctors and professionals in dozens of different medical fields. They are also leaders of innovative medical care. Health care involves much more than working with sick people. There are engineers who create amazing medical technology that helps people whenever their bodies are not working correctly.

4-Hi Feels Great Lessons:

  • Keep it Clean: Imagine how much water we use. When you consider everything water is used for—from washing fire trucks to brushing teeth—it averages out to about 150 gallons of water for each person every day! A challenging problem for engineers is developing systems to remove the things from water that make people sick. In this challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will design and build a filtration system to deliver the clearest water possible.
  • Fix It: Medical schools train doctors and staff, but they also do research. That means staff are investigating new ways to treat illnesses and developing new tools to heal us. In this 4-Hi challenge, young people will design and build a surgical instrument that performs a procedure without disturbing any of the surrounding tissue or organs.
  • Guts of Steel: What kind of stomach would a robot like Terminator have? Okay, so robots don’t eat real food or need real stomachs, but engineers have built robots that simulate the human body to test for medical discoveries. These robot stomachs helps with designing pills that work better at getting medicine into people’s bloodstream. In this challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will create a pill coating for an allergy medication that will dissolve slowly, allowing the medication to enter the bloodstream within 3 minutes.
  • Mind Your Matter: Football is a popular American sport. A word that has become associated with football is concussion. Each year U.S. emergency departments treat an estimated 173,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries. In this 4-Hi challenge, your young people will design a football helmet that can protect players and withstand maximum impact speed.

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4-Hi Does Ag

Lesson 03: 4-Hi Does Ag

4-Hinnovators will have the opportunity to solve five real agricultural problems. These are challenges faced by scientists, farmers, and others who are seeking to improve and support our nation’s ag industry.

4-Hi Does Ag Lessons:

  • Go With the Flow: Have you ever seen a big fountain that sprays water? Have you ever been to a water park or played in a lawn sprinkler? All of those things involve water. One of the most important liquids that engineers deal with is water. In this experience, 4-Hinnovators will get to design and build an irrigation system to help agriculture producers control the flow of water.
  • Keeping It Nice and Dry: When it comes to food, it’s important that dry things stay dry and wet things stay wet. Food has to be protected from the time it leaves the field until you pop it into your mouth. Your 4-Hinnovators will design and create food packaging that protects food and keeps everyone healthy and safe.
  • Rolling Down the River: Boats have always been important to agriculture. Often, boats are the main source of transportation for the food items that need to travel from location to location. Engineers keep the barges and ships running. Engineers design and improve boats as well as create and maintain the systems of harbors and barge canals. In this 4-Hi challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will design and build a boat that transport beans across a water source and keep those beans dry.
  • Feel the Need for Seed: Growing plants costs lots of money. You plant seeds, you use just the right amount of fertilizer for nutrition, and the list goes on from there. Engineers have always been important to planting. This lesson helps youth address agricultural challenges of accuracy and precision and demonstrates how engineering can make farming practices more successful. In this 4-Hi challenge, your young people will build a prototype machine that can drop a sunflower seed every 6 inches over a 24-inch distance.
  • Building Bridges: Good, reliable roads and highways are important to our country. One of the greatest challenges has always been crossing lakes and rivers. While they provide easy transportation for boats and ships, they can also present a problem. In this challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will build a model bridge that would be strong enough to hold a load of grain in the middle of the bridge.

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4-Hi Flies High

Lesson 04: 4-Hi Flies High

Ever wondered how a 75-ton airplane is able to stay in the air and fly? 4-Hi Flies High takes us on a journey to discover the forces involved with flying. Your young people will work in teams to solve aviation problems and create solutions for aeronautical innovation. The 4-Hi Flies High lesson synopsis is coming soon!

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