Emergency Handbook


Emergency Prepared
Exension Office

This office is Emergency Prepared. The county Extension office has:

  • More than one way to communicate with Extension professionals, local authorities, and the public.
  • Identified Extension experts who can provide just-in-time educational resources following a disaster.
  • Created a process for monitoring local weather conditions and keeping office personnel advised of conditions.
  • Tested the preparedness level of the office by participating in an Alabama Extension-wide exercise.
  • Reviewed and updated the continuity of operations plan.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System recognizes that planning and preparedness are fundamental to Alabama Extension’s disaster resiliency and its ability to contribute to local disaster recovery. Each year, county Extension coordinators review and update their county’s plan to reflect current staffing and resources. Planning and preparation lead to an office that can be up and operating quickly following a disaster, thus supporting their ability to more quickly and effectively respond to the needs of the community.
Alabama Extension has preparedness and recovery resources on www.aces.edu/emergency and www.aces.edu/eden.


This document is part of a larger publication titled Emergency Handbook: Preparation and Recovery (ACES-2168).

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