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August 9, 2016


Guidelines for Submitting, Interpreting, and Using Soil Tests

Providing adequate nutrition to one’s animals is a common goal of livestock producers. Without adequate nutrients and minerals, animals are less productive and return less profit. Many producers understand that one cannot simply “make up for” a protein deficiency by providing animals extra energy, and that dollars are lost by over feeding animals past their […]   Read More

Guidleines on Expiration Dates for Produce

Expiration dates are posted on all packaged and/or processed food items found in the grocery store. However, fruits and vegetables are left for us to wonder if they are safe or not to eat. This can cause confusion when trying to remember how long certain produce items will stay fresh and where they can be […]   Read More

Not Smart to Stir Up a Hornet's Nest

Ever wondered why many of us use the old phrase "it was like stirring up a hornet's nest" to vividly describe things? That's because when people get upset and mad about a specific issue, it is very similar to the way hornets get mad and attack if disturbed. Both can be a dangerous and defensive […]   Read More

Ask for Help Identifying Summer Tomato Problems

We get a lot of calls every year from people with gardening questions, and if you have questions I encourage you to continue to contact your local Extension office. Tomatoes are one crop that we get many calls about each year. This article will discuss a few of the more common tomato problems, but keep […]   Read More

The Worms Go Marching: Combatting Fall Army Worm Infestations

Many producers vividly remember their encounters with fall army worms. The discovery of large, later stage army worms in one’s pasture quickly leads to tremendous destruction of valuable forage. Producers generally see the damage of these pests in late July/August through early fall. Mature fall army worm moths lay eggs that hatch after just 2-4 […]   Read More

Not All Black Cattle Are Angus

Looks can be deceiving. Contrary to popular belief, all cattle with black hair are not pure Angus beef, and it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference. The popularity of Angus beef has risen greatly in recent years due to a marketing push by the Certified Angus Beef brand. Buyers choose Angus beef because of its […]   Read More

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