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June 2016 e-Newsletter

June 14, 2016



Tips on Irrigating Thirsty Lawns and Gardens  

With so much rainfall this year, it is hard to imagine that our summer weather is now beginning to get back to normal - hot and dry. And this change is staring to have a direct effect on many lawns and gardens. This year most plants were spoiled with the abundance of water and had […]   Read More

4-H SportFishing Day on Saturday, June 25th

Tallapoosa County Extension will host a 4-H SportFishing Day on Saturday, June 25th. That sounds like a lot of fun! Sadly, some children have never experienced this wonderful outdoor activity; some have NEVER been fishing. We want to change that. This 4-H SportFishing Day hopefully will give youth the chance improve their fishing skills and […]   Read More

4-H RiverKids Kayaking Kamps Returns July 6-8

It's back!!! After much success last year, the 4-H RiverKids Kayaking Kamp returns on July 6-8th. This fun filled event is designed to introduce youth to the world of paddle sports. The half day program in Dadeville will teach water safety, how to paddle a kayak, and include a fun 2 mile float trip down Sandy […]   Read More

Japanese Beetles are a Menace Insect Pest

Japanese beetles are a menace insect pest in the home landscape, vegetable garden, and fruit orchard. With the potential to have large population numbers, they can be found eating almost any plant in sight. They have the potential to literally destroy some plants in a manner of hours. Adult Japanese beetles usually begin to emerge from the […]   Read More

Snakes in Alabama: What You Need to Know

Snakes are one type of wildlife that make many people anxious. But armed with some some basic information and facts, people can reduce their stress about snakes. More than 40 species live in Alabama . Only six of these are venomous. Whether you are hunting, camping or just venturing out into nature, it is important to learn […]   Read More

How to Manage Fire Ants with Baits

Fire ants can be a major problem for anyone in the southeast and even in other parts of the country as well. Any outside area where someone may be walking, standing, sitting, or playing for any amount of time such as city parks where children play, athletic turf, camp sites, outdoor concerts, lawns, etc. are […]   Read More

Home Canning: A Fresh Take on Fresh Foods

The saying “you are what you eat” has never been more true than in today’s society. In a culture where preservatives and chemicals almost cannot be avoided ingredients in foods, it can be hard to find genuine fresh foods to eat. Canning fruits and vegetables at home is a great way to preserve fresh foods […]   Read More

Daylilies: Easy to Grow and Maintain

If you are a beginner gardener, the first plant you might want to try is the daylily. They are perennial plants that easily adapt, grow vigorously and can even survive winters. Daylilies belong to the genus Hemerocallis and are not true lilies. This Greek word is made up of two parts: hemera meaning day and […]   Read More


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