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ACES Shelby County Newsletter June 2016

June 2016

Welcome to ACES Shelby County!


Alabama Birding Trails Perfect for Summer

Summers in Alabama are known for their heat and humidity, but a lesser-known attribute is the great bird watching that can be done almost anywhere in the state. With eight geographic regions and 270 sites, the Alabama Birding Trails are ideal places to do all of your bird watching this summer. Whether it’s a random […]   Read More

Catfish Recipes

Catfish is most often served fried, but there are several ways to keep this southern delicacy fresh and new. Try these catfish recipes for a change from the delicious, deep-fried norm. Cheesy Catfish Fillets 3/4 cup dry bread or cereal crumbs 2 teaspoons finely chopped onion 1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 3 tablespoons […]   Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow? With SOW App

You can grow vegetables and fruits year-round in Alabama and across much of the Southeast. The challenge for many gardeners is knowing what to plant, how to plant it and when to plant it. But SOW, a new mobile app from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, takes the guess work out of garden planting. Kerry […]   Read More

Explore Living Streams with Alabama 4-H Water Watch Workshops

The 4-H Alabama Water Watch Program is partnering with five environmental centers around the state to provide a series of workshops for teachers and volunteer educators. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Exploring Our Living Streams Biomonitoring and Water Chemistry Monitoring curriculum. The curriculum provides hands-on activities for teaching students […]   Read More


Daylilies Question: Every summer I notice those pretty orange flowers blooming in masses along the highway. What are they? Do they only come in one color? Will they grow in my yard? I am new to gardening, and need all the helpful information that I can […]   Read More

Where Is Shelby County 4-H This Summer?

Come Join Us This Summer!!!   Read More

Safe Handling of Raw Produce

Safe Handling of Raw Produce Local Farmers markets have popped up all over the place and most grocery stores have an abundant supply of produce which more and more are beginning to buy locally grown produce as well. This is great because now more than ever we all are encouraged to eat a wider variety […]   Read More

Farmers Fight Low Prices with Diversification, Crop Rotations

In recent years, farmers have seen record high and low prices for all things sold in the agricultural market. Market prices rely on worldwide supply and demand, so production on the world scale hits home for Alabama producers when prices stay low and cost of production remains high. Producers throughout the country are making adjustments […]   Read More

Hive to Home

How the honey you enjoy gets from the hive to your home! Beekeeping is an age-old craft that has changed through the years with new methods and technology. The process of harvesting honey, which is fascinating in itself, is actually not even the most important benefit of honey bees. “Honey bees’ primary purpose is pollinating […]   Read More

Proper Home Food Preservation

If you are interested in learning more about canning there will be a class at the Shelby County Extension Office on June 14 from 1-4pm taught by Angela Treadaway Regional Extension Agent in Food Safety and Quality. Please call or email to register: #205-669-6763/ #205-410-3696/ Since the early 1900’s and the formation of the […]   Read More


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