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July 2016

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Managing sunscald on vegetables

Managing sunscald on vegetables With hot, dry days comes many problems for many home gardeners across the state. As moisture levels become inconsistent, blossom end rot becomes a situation for tomatoes, peppers and even watermelons. With an increased need for water, overhead watering can increase […]   Read More

Herbicide Applications Difficult in Hot, Dry Conditions

The hot, dry conditions sitting stagnant over many areas of the state have farmers wishing for rain and hoping to make the best of current conditions. While crop plants suffer, weeds are still thriving and causing problems in the field. Dr. Joyce Tredaway Ducar, an Alabama […]   Read More

American Alligator: Alabama’s Largest Reptile

American alligators, once on the verge of extinction, have made a remarkable recovery. Alabama’s largest reptile, alligators can be found across most of the southern third of the state and has also been confirmed farther north but not in large populations. They live near lakes, […]   Read More


With an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits in the summer time, it’s easy to forget about the tastier things in life! Cookies are a favorite of all sweets-lovers. There is a size and a taste to please every tastebud. Try these recipes from Alabama Extension’s […]   Read More

4-H Spotlight

Having a blast at 4-H Summer Camp 2016! 4-H Summer Camp is an unforgettable opportunity filled with fun and rewarding experiences found only at this camp. Campers are sure to have a blast and return home with valuable life lessons and much confidence and determination. There are various activities offered each summer at camp. […]   Read More

Burning Issue: Acidifying Tomatoes When Canning

Why do I have to add acid when canning tomatoes in the pressure canner?? Tomatoes that are acidified for canning are done so to prevent botulism poisoning and other bacterial concerns by a combination of acid and heat; the control in vegetables, meat and other naturally low-acid foods is by […]   Read More


Cucumbers are a summertime favorite! Use the yummy green veggie to garnish a salad, make cucumber salsa or mix into a delicious summer side dish. Does your family have a favorite pickle recipe? How about pickling some cucumbers with the help of the Auburn Cookbook, an […]   Read More

Where is Shelby County 4-H in July??

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities), is an equal opportunity employer and educator. Everyone is welcome!   Read More


The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

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